The 4th of July in the US is the independent day, so the USA’s birthday. This year, it is on a Monday so I had a three-day week-end. I decided to spend those days in Los Angeles.


After my workday, I went to the San Jose airport and flew to Los Angeles. The flight was short, about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I arrived by night and have a nice view of Los Angeles. The city is so large (1300km2). About 12 times bigger than Paris.

Los Angeles

I took an Uber to get to my Airbnb in Korean Town. Americans don’t know how to drive for sure… Finally, I arrived alive at my Airbnb and just slept.


Hollywood Walk of Fame

On Saturday morning, I woke up early, packed some stuff and walked for 1h30 to Hollywood Boulevard. I wanted to see the stars on the ground and what Hollywood looks like. There are so many stars and so many names that I don’t even know. I was wondering how they get a star here. The tour seemed very long to me and there are stars from both sides of the Boulevard. I ended up to find the best star of Hollywood. Here it is:

Los Angeles

Rodeo Drive

After that, I went to Rodeo Drive hoping that I will see some nice cars. There are also those very luxury shops like Versace or Rolex. However, I didn’t see any nice cars 😕. Then, I ate in an Italian restaurant and watched the soccer game Germany vs Italy for the Euro 2016 cup. Of course, I hoped Germany would win so it was funny to be surrounded by Italians and see the Germans to score. Italians are so crazy about soccer.

Venice Beach

In the afternoon I went to Venice Beach. The Uber dropped me off right in front of Snapchat’s headquarters. I wanted to see this place but there was nothing to see. Just a Snapchat logo on a door. Anyway, it’s right next to Venice Beach and this beach is amazing! Just arrived and some people were starting a Rap Battle. I was able to understand some words… Then, I went to the skate park watch some awesome people riding.

Los Angeles

These people are crazy and amazing at the same time. Some are old some are very young. At one point, a lady came to me and we started to talk about LA and the beach. People are really nice out there. Then, I walked along the sea to the Pier and watch some surfers. After that, I decided to walk (once again) to Santa Monica Beach and its famous huge pier.

Santa Monica

A lot of people on the pier, music everywhere, sea sun and tourists 😉. It is quite big and there are some attraction such as a big wheel. I realized that I have been burning during all those hours under the sun, and I was thirsty. So, I went in a rooftop bar not too far from the pier and grab a drink or two and watched the amazing landscape.

Los Angeles


The Observatory

In the morning I went to the Observatory (using Uber) to see LA from the hills. The view is really great. There is a museum there, but no more museum for me. They have huge telescope in here and it’s all about planets and stars. There is a hill behind this place so I started to walk to the top of this hill. There, I had a great view on both LA and the Observatory.

Los Angeles

Downtown LA

Then, I wanted to go downtown, but I had no network so I was unable to order an Uber (DAAAAMN!). So, I walked until I find a place where my phone will have enough network to order this Uber. I finally went to LA Town Hall, but it was closed. I found a restaurant there (another Italian one) and watch the game France vs Iceland. The boss of the restaurant was also at the bar and started talking to me (at the end of the game hopefully). She was very nice with me (of course). She was able to speak Italian, French and English… That’s crazy! Her son ran for Le Tour de France and he is now a manager in a team.

US Bank Tower

If you have already played GTA V, you know what the US Bank Tower of Los Angeles looks like. It’s exactly the same tower, as in the game. There is a new attraction in here. They installed a glace-toboggan almost at the top of the tower and you can go there and see the view on Downtown LA. I did that. The toboggan was too short to see anything, but then, the view was so great. It makes me feel like the view of the CN Tower in Toronto.

Echo Park

From the top of the US Bank Tower, I saw a nice park so I decided to go there. Echo Park is the name of this place and it’s pretty nice. I relaxed there a bit and then walked to the Baseball stadium, but it was closed… I went back Downtown walking and found another rooftop bar.

The Perch

There I met some great Americans and talk with them around a fire (on the rooftop yeaaay) and with some nice music of the band performing downstairs. The view was awesome and we stayed there until the night falls. Downtown LA by night is beautiful. From here, we went to a restaurant. At the end of the evening I went back to my Airbnb saying goodbye to my crazy and friendly Americans.

Los Angeles


Monday morning, just relaxed after those two tough days. I walked about 50 km during this crazy week-end. I just get ready for my plane at 2PM and I went back is San Jose at 3PM. In the Uber back to Cupertino, I talked with the driver and he asked me:

Are France and Italy the same country?

It makes me wonder about Americans’ geography skills…