This week-end, I went to Mountain View which is not so far from Cupertino. There, I visited the Computer History Museum and, of course, Google headquarters.

Computing Museum History

I usually don’t enjoy museum but my thought was: since it’s a museum dealing with “Computer” maybe it could be nice to see… I was wrong, I definitely don’t like museum. But I was into this building seeking a famous Apple piece, The Macintosh. Here it is, I found it. This was a revolution for its time. This computer was released in January 1984. This system came up with a graphical interface and a mouse!!!!


That’s it for the museum 😅.

Google HQ

One of the things that I wanted to do here was: going at Google HQ and see how it is. It’s pretty cool actually. There are some spaces where you can really relax and it’s pretty awesome. There is a volleyball playground as well with sand and everything. There is also a swimming pool and some equipment to workout. I found a lot of those bikes called the G Bikes:

Google Bikes

So I tried one and biked on the campus to see what’s going on out there 😊 I met this big android guy (not sure about his name…) with a marshmallow since Android Marshmallow is the latest Android version. Crazy Googlers! It was pretty cool to see how different are the Apple campus and the Google one.

Android guy