Apple Campus

Just have a walk

Waiting for the bus

After recovering from my hard journey to get there, I decided to go to the Apple main campus in Cupertino. We were on Sunday, I wait the bus 81 for one hour hoping for it to come. While I was waiting, I’ve talked to a worker of the brand new Apple campus right in front of my apartment. He told it was a great project. By the way, the bus wasn’t in service on Sunday…

Apple’s Campus

Hence, I walked for about 40 minutes to Apple’s main campus called Infinite Loop 1. It’s awesome to see the building in real! Then I walked around to see my work office and some crows followed me. I felt they were ready to attack me, I was freaking out.

Apple Campus

First day

I went to the orientation session using this kind of shuttle. So comfortable. There, I’ve had a badge with my name and my photo on it, a T-shirt written “ Class of 2016” and an orientation book along with a presentation. Now I am ready to work!

Apple shuttle

Back to my flat, I had the nice surprise that the cleaning lady had done her job so everything was cleaned up, my bed was set up as well (even if I did it before, not perfectly okay…). She even put the dish in the dishwasher and started it (I was about to wash the dish in the sink just like I do when I am in France…). This is so nice actually!


The weather here is so good. A fully sunny sky, between 25°C and 30°C. The landscape is awesome. Living here is a huge chance!

The Sun